Inter-Library Loan Service

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that allows users to borrow academic materials such as books, articles, theses, and other publications from other libraries. This service is available to the Chulalongkorn community: students, lecturers, staff, and participating university libraries through the services “ILL Book Loans” and “Scan on Demand for ILL” (by Chula Library). Chula Community (Student, Lecturer, and Staff): for borrowing books or publications from Participating University Libraries: Please follow the details below:

  1. Search book from “Single Search”
  2. Click "CU+: Search other libraries"
  3. Click "Inter-Library Loan Request" and Fill “Inter-Library Loan Request form”

Participating University Libraries: for borrowing books or publications from Chula Library through the services:

  1. “ILL Book Loan”
    • Search book from
    • Fill out the "Inter-Library Loan Request form" Or contact the librarian at your institutes.
      (ILL service and delivery fee will be applied, subjected to your institution library's policy.)
  2. “Scan on Demand for ILL"
    • provides partial photocopy for Chula Collection, Thailand Collection, Government Collection, and Rare books collection for educational purposes only.
    • By limit to 10% or under 20 pages (free sample) on basis of "fair use" as defined by copyrights law.
    • More than 20 pages (ILL service fee will be applied)
    • Search the book from
    • Contact the librarian at your institutes.
    • Check the name list of Participating University Libraries with Chula Library:
Ask for more details: Hunsa Tel: +66 2-218-2929 Email: หรือ